Our Story

In the beginning, we set out to create fashion accessories to link our sense of style and show our colour. Peter Daniel was founded by two mates Peter K and Daniel BK with the ambition of setting out to make timepieces and lifestyle accessories that were simple, affordable and bold. Along the way we have established ourselves to continuously introduce new products which have gained the attention of fashion magazine British GQ.

It’s been a long journey since we started out. Today, we work in a small team in the city of Brisbane pursuant of growing our product lines and gaining exposure as a brand. Recently we launched our Kickstarter campaign for our second collection of watches inspired through illustrating one’s character and expressing their colour and direction. Read more about our Kickstarter campaign here.

We're continuing to grow in the fashion industry, incorporating our passion for design, style and self-confidence in the products that we create. We dream of one day producing items worth handing down to generations and generations.