Meeting Peter Daniel

For us, Peter Daniel isn't just a name, it's a promise. It's our promise of delivering quality without compromise and the pursuit towards excellence.
As an architecture student, art and design always allured me. The creativeness, the sophistication and the minimalism of modern objects. To simply gaze at and admire these objects wasn't enough however, I wanted to create, to share. 
Starting small was key, both size and scale wise. Fashion and style was a clear starting point, to which it branched out to accessories. Wristwear, it had to be.
I discussed the idea with my friend Peter who shared a similar interest. Peter has always been intrigued by business platforms, and was curious to find out how people built their own to pursue their ambitions. Our different characters yet the drive we share turned this dream into reality. We began brainstorming on the brand name. We wanted the products to represent us, and for us to represent the products. 
At Peter Daniel, we believe that being yourself illustrates your true character. Knowing you, being you, and understanding yourself brings out your colour. Join our journey as we make every moment count by expressing our passion and progress.